Let's CARE. Let's EMPOWER. Support small local businesses, social enterprises and individuals affected by COVID-19.

Let's CARE. Let's EMPOWER.

Make an IMPACT by shopping with your local small businesses.

A wide range of products from local small business, fair trade suppliers, and social enterprises that provides jobs and boost the local economy.

Free Listing

A work of love marketplace to support local small businesses.

Online Support

We provide platform support and business solutions.

No Middleman

Get paid directly into your bank or Paypal account. We don't take commissions.

Your Own Terms

While we encourage fairness and honesty, you can trade on your own terms.

Ways to Participate

For Everyone

Find a MarketLoca marketplace community nearest you and shop with them

For Communities & Coops

We encourage communities, coops, and business groups to start a community marketplace with us.

For Sponsors

While we aim to keep operations at cost-effective level, the needs for resources will increase as our communities continue to grow. Generous sponsors are greatly appreciated and welcomed.

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Marketloca Communites

We encourage you to help us build a fruitful marketplace for every community. Let’s care and empower by supporting our local businesses.